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Dune Megalodon 12 inch x 8 inch Stainless Metal Detector Sand Scoop w/ Welded Handle


Dune Megalodon 12″ x 8″ Stainless Metal Detector Sand Scoop w/ Welded Handle

Designed with hexagon shaped holes (10mm). Best for finding ancient coins and fine jewelry!

Equipped with a welded stainless steel handle.

Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel.


The back wall is at an angle to provide a convenient foot stop and reduce the workload on the hands.

Improved top tube structure and added stiffening rib to make scoop even stronger and rigid.


Length: 11.8″/300 mm

Width: 8″/200 mm

Height: 4.75″/120 mm

Hole: 0.4″/10 mm (hexagon)

Hole of handle: about 1.35″/35mm

Weight: about 1.5 kg/3.31 lbs

*All our Dune Sandscoops are handmade, therefore individual variations in color and markings should be appreciated as part of the unique quality of the product. Please note that we attempt to provide accurate photos of every single style and color, but your order may vary slightly from the one pictured.

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