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DRS STEALTH SCANNER 3D! An easy way to search!

Our 3D STEALTH SCANNER is a world premiere. It’s the first “invisible” device that allows you to find cavities, voids, tunnels and metals up to several meters below your feet. It includes 8 super geophysical sensors (SGS70) that fit in a jacket. Everything is controlled by a tablet PC. It’s very easy to operate as only one button is required to perform ground scanning. Cavities and metals appear in real time on the tablet PC, no need for a remote computer to analyse data.

Use the magnetormeter and gradiometer technology to identify and analyse the target. The DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner also allows you to see the depth of the target. You will notice the depth indication of the target below the surface is shown in meters. To determine the depth, the device reads the magnetic value and strength. As the device receives responses, the signals appear on the graphic in green on your display. The area, at which white and green signals are equal, is the depth of the target. You will see the the target depth shown numerically in meters.


Why buy the Stealth Scanner ?

Scan for metal and cavities up to several meters

All 8 sensors are hidden in a jacket

Device is controller by tablet PC, no need for remote PC

Easy to use, no need for complicated settings

See the depth and nature of the detected targets


Stealth Radar comes with :

Installed 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro Software

Tablet Computer

Tablet PC Charger

Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Sensor Carrying Vest

Required Cables

DRS 3D custom software comes in 8 languages: English, German, Arab, Turkish, Persian, French, Italian, Russian

Detailed Instructions

2 Year Warranty

See the videos to learn more:


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