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Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector


The Land Ranger Pro is Bounty Hunter's Premier Detector. We pack features into this machine that will rival those other guys who sell for as much as 1,000 EUR. If you want a great machine for a lot less, check this one out.


V-Break, variable tone breakpoint.

Pinpoint mode with depth indicator. 

Ground Grab, computerized ground balancing.

0-99 Target-ID.

4-Tone audio ID. 

7-Modes of operation. 

Discrimination, motion, no motion.

Variable Notching.

Tech Specs

Weight - 2.4 pounds.

Length - Adjustable. 

Coil - 11 inch DD waterproof searchcoil.

Operates on one 9V alkaline battery.

Operating frequency 7.69 kHz.

Watch the video for more info:

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