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White's XVenture Metal Detector with 9" Spider Search Coil, for Beginners of all Ages

$119.95 $129.95

Get out there and have a treasure-finding adventure!

White's XVenture metal detector has all of the basics you need to make finding hidden treasure fun for the whole family. Whether it's the ultimate Easter Egg hunt, searching for buried pirate treasure, or just exploring the history of your own back yard, this lightweight metal detector is easy to use and perfect for beginners of all ages.

Unlike other metal detectors in its class, the XVenture shows you what's in the ground before you dig. With simple icons and flashing LED's showing iron, foil, nickel, pull-tab, and coin, it's easier to focus on digging up the treasure and skip over the trash. The sensitivity boost and non-motion pinpoint mode round out this metal detector's features and make it useful for finding dropped bolts, studs in walls, and even the ring your neighbor lost in her azaleas!

If you are a budding backyard archaeologist, a careful coin collector, or looking for the legendary lost treasures of Long John Silver, the XVenture is the perfect way to get started with metal detecting. With the factory 2-year warranty and a full line-up of more advanced metal detectors, White's Electronics will be there for every piece of treasure you find!

White's XVenture Features

Discrimination and Pinpoint Modes Hear and see good targets! Display shows I.D. of target as you hunt. Push the Pinpoint button to zero in on a detected target

Selectable Sensitivity. Get the most depth depending on what kind of ground you're hunting

9" Waterproof spider coil

Rugged and Water-Resistant

Low Battery Alert

Adjustable Length

Two "AA" Batteries Included

Audio Speaker & 1/4" Headphone Jack

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