Welcome to USA Metal Detecting!

We are the experts for all 
your metal detecting needs.

Welcome to USA Metal Detecting!

Here you will find everything there is about Metal Detecting.

At USA Metal Detecting, we are passionate about Metal Detecting and are proud to offer the very best there is to offer in metal detectors. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are bound to find something that will suit you, so take a look around. In addition to our wide range of metal detectors we also have a large selection of accessories and books ranging from coils, bags, straps, holders, waterproof cases, batteries, chargers, covers and guides.

If you need some advice, simply pick up the phone and give us a call at 937-716-7160 or drop us an email at


If you are looking for a metal detector to use as a hobby then you may want to join our facebook groups!

Our Metal Detecting Communities on Facebook.
Join the discussions on facebook and debate all the issues surrounding metal detecting with like minded people.

Join our USA Metal Detecting Group: (Over 2,300 + members)
USA Metal detecting is for the Beginner to Pro and is a great way to arm yourself with the skills to learn about your hobby and be proficient at metal detecting. From the beginner to the expert this group is here to make you a smarter Detectorists. You can ask questions or talk about anything to do with metal detecting. There are NO Stupid Questions! -Talk about metal detecting clubs -Share your finds -Discuss metal detecting equipment - Anything else metal detecting

Join our Ohio Metal Detecting Group (Over 2,000 + members) 

Everything metal detecting in and around Ohio. Share your Ohio finds ... set up group hunts ... unite against no detecting parks ... anything else that makes us strong in Ohio!

Join our ID ME group: (Over 18,000 + members) 
ID ME is a place for all metal detectorist, bottle hunters and relic hunters to post photos of your finds or whatchamacallit’s when you don't know what they are. Members in the group then share their knowledge to help figure out what your pic is. Be as specific as you can when posting an item like the general area of where it was found along with something in the photo for size comparison to make ID'ing the item easier.

We hope you enjoy our groups on facebook!